Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryWho won tonight’s game? The Warriors, of course. Or Memphis, maybe. Can’t get ahead of ourselves here, but it’s far more likely that Golden State will wrap up their series tomorrow night, and be well-rested and ready by the time the Clippers-Rockets winner emerges from Sunday’s Game 7, than any other outcome.

The most gigantic losers in all this, of course, are the Clippers. They had that game so won, the Rockets were so far behind, that Mike Tirico nearly had a stroke calling some of those shots during the comeback. How the Clips–not exactly the most accomplished team in the Association–can recover from this and win Game 7 on the road, when confronted by a (presumably) much healthier James Harden and the now highly confident rest of the Rockets…that looks even more impossible than tonight’s come from behind job.

Oh, and for the record, this really sets up nicely for the Conference Finals. Most everyone understands that the Warriors and Clippers hate each other, but what may be lost on some folks is the fact that the Dubs and Rockets hate each other, too. That bad blood goes back to a blowout loss Golden State suffered in Houston a few years ago, when the Rockets ran the score up on them and the Warriors got a little nasty before the final buzzer. And, of course, Harden’s ill will now springs from losing the MVP award to Stephen Curry.

This is getting really interesting.


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