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Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryDear ESPN,

I noted with interest a brief item in the news yesterday, to the effect that you plan on introducing something you callĀ ”ESPN Virtual 3” on your Saturday night NBA coverage–some form of on-screen graphic that will “virtually light up” the 3-point line whenever a player takes a shot from behind the line.

Frankly, this announcement seems to raise more questions for me than answers. Questions like: Are you serious? And: no, really, are you serious? And, of course: have you stopped taking your medications? Continue reading Seeing The Light, Crossing The Line

Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryWe’ve had quite the run of stupid in basketball commentating circles lately. Charles Barkley has been–wait for it–Charles Barkley with his remarks about how the old Bulls would “kill” the current Warriors. That comment came not too long on the heels of his declarations about how the jump-shooting Dubs would not be able to win a championship. Maybe someday, someone will get the right idea about Barkley–hint: he’s stupid–and just make him go away.

The same could be said for Barkley’s near equal in broadcasting crime, Mark Jackson. The ex-Warriors coach demonstrated once again on Christmas day that a skull full of sawdust seems to be an advantage when it comes to getting yourself on TV talking about basketball with his off-the-cuff peevish insult about Stephen Curry somehow “hurting the game” with his almost preternatural 3-point shooting.

At least Barkley had enough sense to say something ridiculous about one of those “can’t know” debates (though he was dumb enough to make it a definitive statement). But Jackson is stupid enough to have staked his case on an idea that is easily demonstrated to be risible. Continue reading …As Stupid Says

Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryWatching the Notre Dame vs. Stanford game this evening, I just realized why FOX’s Gus Johnson is such an awful announcer.

Yes, he’s a screamer, and that’s bad enough. But Johnson doesn’t just limit himself to howling over every play of any significance–on big plays, he actually starts screaming before the play is actually made. Continue reading Scream King On FOX

Can’t Spell ‘Pretentious’ Without E-S-P-N

We have reached another period of sports doldrums. With most sports now out of season and the MLB All-Star break leaving a huge crater in the middle of the calendar, inventive souls are inspired to try to fill the gap with something shiny and novel to keep our minds off the wretchedness of day to day existence.

And then there’s ESPN. I would never accuse them of being inventive, but they have taken their own stab at the filling in the gap thing. They call their efffort the ESPYS, and apparently a lot of people are inclined to watch the program.

Personally, I’d rather just stare at a blank wall. Continue reading Can’t Spell ‘Pretentious’ Without E-S-P-N