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Divided And Conquered

Journalism. We’ve heard a lot about that lately.

I do not profess to be anything close to a professional journalist; as a blogger, I’m simply an untrained observer who happens to share some of those observations once in a while. But that doesn’t automatically mean I’m uninformed. Nor does it mean that I don’t follow certain practices of good journalism.

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The VCU Rams: Getting along better than their old coach

For instance, there’s the “follow-up.” You report on something, then you go back a little later and see what progress–if any–has been made by the subject of that report.

For instance, a little over a year ago I commented upon Shaka Smart’s move from head coach of the men’s basketball team at Virginia Commonwealth–where he had had some notable success–to take the same position at the substantially higher profile University of Texas at Austin. I noted that the move, which many observers would have characterized as a “no-brainer,” carried with it a certain amount of risk. Thus, that story would be a good candidate for one of those follow-ups. How has it gone for coach Smart down there “deep in the heart of”?

Say what? 11-22. Yeesh. And no NCAA Tournament bid this season, after bowing out last year in the first round? With what was arguably still Rick Barnes’ team? Hmmm. Sorry I asked.

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Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryCalling All Patsies

Well, that didn’t take long.

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P.J. Fleck: Take the money and run

As (sort of) an addendum to the recent post about how the so-called “Group of Five” should just tell the “Power 5” schools to take a hike…there have been some interesting developments along that line.

One of those developments is the now ex-coach of the recently shafted Western Michigan Broncos, P.J. Fleck, taking the same position at Minnesota. Fleck’s move will, without a doubt, enhance his bank account considerably. It should also remove any further doubts about the fact that the peon schools in the college football pecking order have no chance to ever really break through into the upper echelon. Continue reading Calling All Patsies

End The Farce

The Division I college football playoffs will take place today. If you are a college football fan, you may be very excited about this prospect.

Alas, I can not share in your enthusiasm. When I look at the matchups of Alabama vs. Washington and Ohio State vs. Clemson, I don’t see a four team tournament featuring the best teams in the country (which, if there are objective measurements that can be made, these teams may very well be). I see a rigged system rewarding its owners…and punishing its patsies.

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The MAC champion Western Michigan Broncos: a team with a legitimate gripe

Patsies? Indeed, patsies. Let’s talk about Western Michigan–and the entire so-called “Group of Five.”

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