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The Big Turnaround

You thought you were safe.

You thought that a couple of weeks had passed, so surely there would be no more mentions being made about the Golden State Warriors winning for the NBA championship for the third time in four years.

You were wrong.

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Klay and the Dubs: more amazing than you thought

I only bring this up because, in these recent weeks since the Dubs’ sweep of the Cavaliers, I’ve been wracking my brain for parallel examples of what Golden State has accomplished in this recent span–and I’ve only been able to come up with one comparable string of achievement. In fact, what the Warriors have done, in being so good, is almost unprecedented–not for the fact of being so good, but for being so bad before then. Continue reading The Big Turnaround

Can Lieutenant Gordon Defeat the Superheroes?

Now as we approach Monday night’s Game 7, the obvious question is, who’s going to win?

The not-so-obvious answer to that question is, probably, “It depends upon Eric Gordon.”

All the talk about the Houston Rockets, not just in the playoffs but throughout the season, has centered upon the pairing of James Harden and Chris Paul. And rightfully so; there’s no way the team would have been the number one seed and achieved the best record in the Association without their doings.

But the plain fact is, in these Western Conference Finals, when the Rockets have beaten the Golden State Warriors, it has been because of Gordon’s efforts. Continue reading Can Lieutenant Gordon Defeat the Superheroes?

Showing Too Much Constraint

Despite this blog’s title, I really do try to just appreciate the world of sports. I really do. But just when I think that I can let the deficiencies and annoyances slide, I’m slapped in the face with something so egregious that I have to bare the fangs and the claws again. 

The latest effrontery? Nine of the most hateful words in all of sports broadcasting: 

“Due to time constraints, we move ahead in our game.”

Continue reading Showing Too Much Constraint