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Best Served Cold

You know what they say about revenge, don’t you? Well, there’s a group of basketball players who’ve been know to hoist a few shots in Oakland who can vouch, after Wednesday night’s game, that the old saying is very, very true.

And they have Kevin Durant for playing the Master Chef and serving up a frosty platter to the Cleveland Cavaliers at the end of Game 3.

Kevin Durant: Golden State’s Master Chef of revenge

And make no mistake: after the Cavs knifed the Warriors in the back in last year’s Game 7, that win Wednesday night was not just revenge in the form of a return stabbing — it was more like KD took a chainsaw and carved up the James gang like a Texas maniac. Continue reading Best Served Cold

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Awful Graphic Content

I recently found myself curious about the standings in the NBA’s Western Conference. No surprise there; the local squad is the Golden State Warriors, and I’ve been keeping a close eye on how they’re doing in their quest to hold onto the No. 1 seed in the conference for the playoffs. I even posted about San Antonio’s chance to overtake the Dubs when Kevin Durant got hurt. So I wanted to take a quick peek at the standings and see where the teams stood.

Unfortunately, at the moment that urge hit me, I did not have the laptop available to me–just my phone. So when I went to take a peek at the standings, I only got to see the mobile view of things. That view showed me very little about the separation between the Spurs and Warriors, but it did show me a great deal about how far the once mighty Yahoo!–and in particular, Yahoo! Sports–has fallen.

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Players Only, Broadcast Baloney

For last night’s Golden State Warriors vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game, TNT favored us with a novel approach to a game broadcast, a twist in the game coverage they call “Players Only.” Meaning, it turns out, that the only people working the game for the network were former players, in this case meaning a broadcast team of Greg Anthony, Kevin McHale, and Rip Hamilton on the call, with Dennis Scott serving as sideline reporter.

Let’s break it down: Players Only = only former players…

which means, Players Only = no professional announcers…

and, no professional announcers = amateur hours

Imagine my surprise, then, when the broadcast turned out to be insightful, informative, and an all around excellent viewing experience.

Of course, you’ll have to imagine that, because that wasn’t the case at all. Naturally, it was the broadcast equivalent of a dumpster fire.

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OK Spurs, Here’s Your Chance

This is the thing that has loomed over the Golden State Warriors’ inevitable march to the championship from day one–the one thing that could really and truly make it not inevitable: a major injury,

KD, meet a bad knee: no more soaring for you

Kevin Durant will be bye-bye for more than a month with his sprained and bruised knee, which would appear to leave the door open for quite a few of the other Western Conference teams. But let’s be serious: this is really all about the San Antonio Spurs now. Continue reading OK Spurs, Here’s Your Chance