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The Cavaliers’ Conundrum

I did not immediately jump onto this blog in order to comment on the “shocking” news that Kyrie Irving wants to be traded, mostly because the whole thing is mind-numbingly stupid. Where exactly does Irving think he’s going to land that’s a better situation than the three-time defending conference champs for whom he currently plays?

Still, we’ve all had that one co-worker who just drove us crazy, so much so that taking another job–even one that clearly seemed to be a step down–became an attractive alternative. So it would appear with Irving and his time with the Cavaliers, which may or may not be at an end.

Kyrie Irving: he hates his co-workers, just like all the rest of us

The part of all this that’s truly stupid is the presumably surprising nature of the upheaval in Cleveland. It’s not like anyone couldn’t have predicted that there would be trouble wherever LeBron James goes. Well, actually, it was predicted, a while back…by me, right here in this space. Continue reading The Cavaliers’ Conundrum

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With the NHL trade deadline now in the rear view mirror, it’s worth taking a quick look at a few of the notable points to come out of all the activity—including a possible warning sign about what might lay just over the horizon.

The weirdest part of the deadline had to be seeing the Detroit Red Wings selling for a harvest of draft picks. I guess it’s safe to say that Hockeytown’s latest era has well and truly come to an end. How did Detroit do in their quest to reinvigorate the franchise? Only the most devoted hockey scout could even guess at this point. Continue reading Hockey Hustles for the Present—and Maybe the Future

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Well, isn’t all that special?

The winter meetings provided a host of answers to a grand series of questions–some of which we never even bothered to ask. As previously mentioned, this space was right about Mark Melancon joining the Giants–but quite wrong about Aroldis Chapman staying with the Cubs. (Spoiler alert: he didn’t.) And Chris Sale’s hard left turn from being on the way to Washington to now joining the Red Sox was quite unexpected. And I never even considered Dexter Fowler joining the Cardinals. Lots of stuff, in both the general sense and in the sense of what a pitcher throws out there on a given trip to the mound.

Which brings us to the ultimate (at least for now) question: what does all this movement amount to? What’s it all mean? Continue reading A Hot Stove Can Burn You

Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryWhen last we met, I pondered the possibility of Kevin Love being sent packing from Cleveland, with the Golden State Warriors being a very sensible landing spot for him. The biggest fly in that ointment, according to that analysis, would be making the dollars match on a trade that would bring Love’s hefty contract to the Dubs. Whomever the Warriors would give up to pry Love away from the Cavs, there wouldn’t be enough contract going to Ohio to make the deal workable.

Enter the increasingly expendable Harrison Barnes.

Continue reading Closing The Barnes Door

Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryIt’s now been roughly half a season since I jumped to the foolish conclusion that the Los Angeles Kings were melting before our eyes. In fact, the Kings have done so well in reversing their bad start that they have now decided, as their acquisition of Vincent Lecavalier from the Flyers shows, that they’re good enough to wallow in a little crapulence for the remainder of the season.

Others may snicker, but I’ve learned my lesson; this time, I’m going to remember that Kings are high cards, and unless someone has an ace to play (Chicago…Washington…Dallas, maybe?), high cards tend to win. Continue reading Fortune of Reversal