Where Fans In The Know Go For The Real Score

Tired of being forced to get your sports news from watching the unwatchable SportsCenter? Had enough of flacks and fools posing as sports reporters? Are you sick of looking for sports journalism and only finding hype and hagiography?

Then you’ve found your new home for the real score! The Disgruntled Fan Report is geared towards you: the smart sports fan who watches the games with clear eyes and an open mind.

The Disgruntled Fan Report pledges to give you the real unflinching commentary and analysis that you won’t get from the corporate, compromised outfits that have taken over the games we love.

About the Author

My name is Stephen Taylor. I’m the founder and author of The Disgruntled Fan Report. I founded The DFR as both a graphics and writing project.

As a writing project, I founded The DFR to be a place for commentary about today’s sports scene, a site that tries to say what should be said–but isn’t being said–about the games fans love. Most importantly, The DFR should stand as the voice of the common fan; it is not a “professional” media outlet (many of which are just tools of the teams and players they profess to report on), but a venue to give voice to what the guy sitting on his couch would say about the games. Currently, I am the sole author of The DFR, but in the future I hope to see this site grow to an extent that I will be able to add other voices to these pages.

As a graphics project, I am developing The DFR as a venue to broaden my horizons as a graphic artist, a place where I can learn more about publishing with WordPress (especially theme development) and perform more creative tasks (for instance, I designed all the logos used on The DFR.) As the site grows, I expect to take The DFR onto a self-hosted environment, but for starters I am keeping the site on WordPress.com’s free hosting platform.

My bio: I am a writer and graphic artist living in the SF Bay Area. My writings have appeared in publications as diverse as The Baseball Research Journal, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Watching Backyard Birds. My career as a graphic artist has mostly been about creating advertising, though I have also worked for journalistic enterprises such as the Alameda Newspaper Group, the San Francisco Independent newspapers, the magazine Inside Tennis, and the weekly tabloid newspaper India-West; I’ve occasionally performed editorial tasks for some of those employers in addition to my graphics duties. I’m a longtime sports fan and regularly disgruntled. I was born in Philadelphia, where I learned early on how disgruntled a sports fan can be. Currently, I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I watch all the local teams, but I keep an eye on the national scene, too.

DFR History

December 5, 2014: DFR launched

December 15, 2014: Banner and badge logos added to site

December 28, 2014: First “audible” post

January 9, 2015: 5 Followers reached (Great thanks to all who’ve visited the site, and to those who’ve chosen to follow the DFR!)

March 17, 2015: 50th post published

March 30, 2015: 10 Followers reached (as always, grateful thanks to everyone who has visited the site and chosen to follow the DFR!)

May 15, 2015: 100th post published

June 7, 2015: 15 Followers reached. (Thanks as always!)

July 13, 2015: 150th post published.

November 4, 2015: 200th post published.

December 5, 2015: One year anniversary of the DFR

July 4, 2016: 30 Followers reached. (Thank you to everyone who reads the DFR.)

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