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Sports Equation #23

Rafael Nadal + (health + perseverance + determination + experience) = U.S. Open Championshipamazing

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“Take A Top Seed, Maria”

I don’t particularly have anything against Maria Sharapova. I’m generally lukewarm when it comes to the question of drug cheating, and I’m not certain that Sharapova committed anything heinous enough to earn her now completed suspension.

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The U.S. Open: “Take the court, Maria…and a top seed, while you’re at it.”

Indeed, it would be nice if Sharapova came back into the sport and claimed a place at the top, given the lack of true championship mettle that has been shown by so many of tennis’ Famously Feckless Females. Being a fan of the sport lately has been a lot like watching that old TV miniseries Lace and it’s one famous scene; it’s like tennis fans have been saying, for years now, “Which one of you bitches is my champion?” (Excluding the now trimestering Serena Williams, of course.)

But Sharapova should not get her entree back into the game’s upper echelons in the way that’s playing out tonight. Her opening round match against No. 2 seed Simona Halep is less a matter of the draw and much more about what this primetime show might draw–in ratings and attention.
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