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About a week has gone by now, and I tried to let this pass, but, like a loose tooth, I just can’t leave it alone: the NHL is continuing to screw up the outdoor games.

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The Winter Classic in St. Louis: Too-wide open spaces

As previously noted, there are three major problems with the Winter Classic and its sibling (Heritage Classic and Stadium Series) games. And, despite my and others’ best efforts, the NHL is not getting the message about this. Let’s try again.

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Wasted On The Young

Editorial note: Once again, due to unavoidable scheduling conflicts, this week’s Friday Feature is hitting the site after the usual publication time. Further apologies for any resulting inconvenience or disappointment.

Football, as we all know, is a brutal sport. Abuse of body parts comes with the territory–even for the fans. And for those of us watching the games these days, no body part gets more abuse than our eyes.

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The worthies at Oregon State provided further proof of that truism last night with the uniforms they wore against Stanford.

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Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryI got home from work after tonight’s All-Star Game was already well under way, so I missed a lot of the action, such as it was. Alas, my arrival was still plenty early enough to get an eyeful of those godawful caps they had the teams wearing. What did MLB do, make all the players go buy their caps at a gas station out on the highway?  My mom, of all people, said they looked “chintzy” and for once I agree with her. Continue reading Not Using Their Heads

Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryNo, in answer to your unspoken question, I’m not tired yet of always being right. Well, not always–but I seem to get my fair share of these things correct. For instance, barely one month after pointing out that Eugenie Bouchard should not be the world’s most marketable athlete, we learn that she was bounced from Wimbledon in the first round this week. Continue reading Not Tired Yet