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The Awful Whinge Is A Raider

By now you’ve all heard the news that the Oakland Raiders will, eventually, drop the first half of that name and trade it in for the city and the brand that is Las Vegas. You’ve probably seen plenty of video clips of reactions to the news; most of those reactions from fans local to Oakland have, most likely, been a mixture of anger, sadness, disappointment, etc. No surprise there.

Las Vegas Raiders fans: a soon-to-be burgeoning breed

However, it might be illuminating to give some attention to reactions from those who, presumably, would have a more sophisticated point of view–namely, people involved in some way with the Raiders’ organization. Since I live in the East Bay, I’ve had the chance to hear some semi-official thoughts on the subject of the team’s relocation, mainly through the venue of the team’s (current) official media outlet, 95.7 The Game.

Let’s just say, some of these reactions have been “interesting,” to say the least.

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A Recipe For Quarterback Repellent

In today’s pass-happy NFL, how do you stop a quarterback like Tom Brady–or any other QB for that matter?

It looked, through three quarters, like the Atlanta Falcons had that answer diagnosed and ready to go for Super Bowl LI. How did they do it? And why then did they wind up losing?

Super Bowl LI: Atlanta found the recipe…then lost it, and the game

It turns out, you stop quarterbacks today the same way it was always done back in the day: “the quarterback must go down, and he must go down hard.”

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America’s Teem: The Nation’s Strange Love Affair With The Cowboys

In the midst of the NFL’s TV ratings crisis, “the shield” has at least had the salve of some bit of good news: the Dallas Cowboys are still pulling in the eyeballs.

This bit of news is pertinent, since we learned recently that NBC’s Sunday Night Football is about to be renamed “The Dallas Cowboys Sunday Smile-Time Super Fun Football Hours” for at least a few consecutive weeks.

Cowboys Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott: inheritors of a long-lived tradition

Apparently, there is indeed a continuing fascination with the Cowboys that lives throughout the land, thus keeping alive the “America’s Team” moniker. Perusing these facts does lead one to ask what seems to be an important question: Why?

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The Onside Kick: You’re Doing It Wrong

There’s an idea that’s been nagging at me for a while now, about football and the onside kick. It’s something pretty obvious, and I heard it touched upon by CBS’s Greg Gumbel, of all people, at the end of yesterday’s Raiders-Jaguars game, so I should probably stop procrastinating and spell this thing out here and now.

Every time football teams try the onside kick, they’re doing it wrong.

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