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Best Served Cold

You know what they say about revenge, don’t you? Well, there’s a group of basketball players who’ve been know to hoist a few shots in Oakland who can vouch, after Wednesday night’s game, that the old saying is very, very true.

And they have Kevin Durant for playing the Master Chef and serving up a frosty platter to the Cleveland Cavaliers at the end of Game 3.

Kevin Durant: Golden State’s Master Chef of revenge

And make no mistake: after the Cavs knifed the Warriors in the back in last year’s Game 7, that win Wednesday night was not just revenge in the form of a return stabbing — it was more like KD took a chainsaw and carved up the James gang like a Texas maniac. Continue reading Best Served Cold

Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryWhen last we met, I pondered the possibility of Kevin Love being sent packing from Cleveland, with the Golden State Warriors being a very sensible landing spot for him. The biggest fly in that ointment, according to that analysis, would be making the dollars match on a trade that would bring Love’s hefty contract to the Dubs. Whomever the Warriors would give up to pry Love away from the Cavs, there wouldn’t be enough contract going to Ohio to make the deal workable.

Enter the increasingly expendable Harrison Barnes.

Continue reading Closing The Barnes Door