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Playoffs And On And On And On

Just a random thought that came to me while watching the Sharks vs. Golden Knights game:

How is it that the NHL teams can play every other day in the playoffs, but the NBA teams have to have two days of rest between games?

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When Russell Met Romney…

I’ve been watching NBA basketball, including the playoff variety, for a long time. Decades. And I’ve seen plenty of stuff come and go. But that didn’t prepare me for seeing this headline:

Mitt Romney heckles Russell Westbrook as he gets into foul trouble during Jazz-Thunder game

You’re kidding me, right?

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Penguins Gaining, But Risk A Net Loss

After posting my recent critique of the NHL’s so-far lackluster season, I’ve been making a concerted effort this past week to watch more games. And one thing stood out in the play I witnessed, something that’s reflected in the current standings: the Pittsburgh Penguins are starting to actually look like a two-time defending champion.

Embed from Getty Images

Tristan Jarry: a potential crack in the Pens’ championship ice

The Pens have reclaimed the top spot in the Metropolitan Division, and they’ve looked good doing it. They’re riding a three-game winning streak (as of this writing), and they showed a smothering defense–particularly in the third period–in their win Wednesday night over the previously hot but now suddenly ice-cold Flyers. Combine a tight D with that team’s world-class offensive skill and the idea that we’re seeing a team in the midst of an Islanders- or Canadiens-like string of three or four consecutive Cup wins starts to look very plausible.

But that win Wednesday night revealed something else that may give Pens fans a moment’s pause: without the sidelined Matt Murray in goal, Pittsburgh may have a major problem in the playoffs, no matter how many snipers skate on their forward lines. Continue reading Penguins Gaining, But Risk A Net Loss