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Best Served Cold

You know what they say about revenge, don’t you? Well, there’s a group of basketball players who’ve been know to hoist a few shots in Oakland who can vouch, after Wednesday night’s game, that the old saying is very, very true.

And they have Kevin Durant for playing the Master Chef and serving up a frosty platter to the Cleveland Cavaliers at the end of Game 3.

Kevin Durant: Golden State’s Master Chef of revenge

And make no mistake: after the Cavs knifed the Warriors in the back in last year’s Game 7, that win Wednesday night was not just revenge in the form of a return stabbing — it was more like KD took a chainsaw and carved up the James gang like a Texas maniac. Continue reading Best Served Cold

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The Ships Be Sinkin’

Tall about sweet music.

I would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to the Utah Jazz for dispatching the Los Angeles Clippers in today’s game 7 of their playoff series.

This fit of gratefulness comes not so much because I have such a fondness for the Jazz; I don’t, though I certainly recognize that they are a team on the rise (assuming they can hold on to Gordon Hayward with a player option on his contract for next year). No, this is strictly about my gratitude that, for at least one more off-season, we won’t have to endure more of the Clippers. Continue reading The Ships Be Sinkin’

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A Solution For The Block/Charge Conundrum

There was a play during tonight’s Washington vs. Atlanta NBA playoff game. The Wizards’ John Wall drove the lane. One official–Kenny Mauer, if memory serves me right–was about to call a blocking foul on the Atlanta defender, but the baseline official overruled him.

Replays were inconclusive; the defender was outside the restrictive area, was (perhaps) a little late getting over to cut off Wall…but Wall did make an aggressive move to the basket. It was a call that could have gone either way–as the refs’ initial disagreement testifies.

This kind of play happens all the time in today’s game. Every NBA contest features a handful of these contentious calls; the college game has become a festival of players flopping to the hardwood aiming for charge calls. It’s bad basketball, and it really needs to change.

Fortunately, there’s a pretty simple solution to the issue, and, like most things in life, it hinges on the concept of ‘control.’

Continue reading A Solution For The Block/Charge Conundrum