Worldwide Regional Coverage

Thanks to a busy schedule this past weekend, I didn’t get a chance to check the Oakland-Toronto score until well after the game ended on Sunday. I picked up my phone and, for some weird reason, decided to visit to check the score.

When I pulled up the scoreboard off the home page, here’s what I got under the MLB section: mobile screenshot
Screenshot of mobile’s scoreboard (MLB section) on Sunday, May 20, 2018.

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A View From The Park: San Francisco

NOTE: Here is the eighth in an occasional series of Features describing the author’s visits to various MLB ballparks around the country. The continuation of this series brings the author to San Francisco’s AT&T Park, home of the Giants and the second closest major league park to your correspondent’s home. (Click any photo for a larger view)

I found the problem with AT&T Park.

That’s bigger news than it might seem, since it is practically baseball dogma at this point that the home of the San Francisco Giants is the premier ballpark experience in the game. And a big part of that presumed perfection lies in the oft-stated assumption that, at AT&T Park, there isn’t a bad seat in the house.

Leave it to your humble correspondent to find what might be the one bad seat in the park.

The Willie Mays Gate at AT&T Park
The scene outside the Willie Mays Gate at AT&T Park before the Giants’ game against the Cincinnati Reds, May 15, 2018.

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A Country Ready For Take-off?

An addendum to the latest Feature on the success of the Golden Knights:

The Vegas thrill ride has so thoroughly captured the attention of much of this country’s hockey-loving community that hardly a word is being heard about the fact that the Winnipeg Jets are starting to look like a very good possibility for ending Canada’s 750 year Stanley Cup drought.

Embed from Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets: more celebrating to come?

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Thinking, Expansive And Otherwise

With the Vegas Golden Knights all set in their Western Conference Final matchup against the Winnipeg Jets (puck drop set for tonight), now is probably a good time to sIt and ponder the significance of the team’s nearly unprecedented success in their first season.

Embed from Getty Images

Marc-Andre Fleury and the Golden Knights: Successful by design?

Note that it’s “nearly unprecedented” success. Longtime puckheads know that the St. Louis Blues–under a young Scotty Bowman, no less–made the Stanley Cup Final in their inaugural season. True, they were in a division with all the rest of the league’s initial expansion teams, so some new team had to make it all the way to the Final in its first season–but they did it before the Golden Knights, so the current darlings of the NHL are not really breaking new ground.

There is, however, a minor undercurrent that seems to believe that, as with that first expansion season, Vegas has benefited from a “rigged” situation. According to some, the league made it too easy for the GK’s to achieve their rapid success–and that the NHL, ostensibly horrified at how far Vegas has taken their puck and run with it, will make sure that such lightning-quick success will “never happen again.”

So the pundits may say. However, if you think about it, the most likely scenario says that the exact opposite will be true. What we’re seeing on the ice in Las Vegas may, in fact, be the wave of the future. Continue reading Thinking, Expansive And Otherwise