Time To Man Up In Melbourne

This space has been enthusiastic over the years at laying into players on the women’s tennis tour for being, as I’ve put it, the “Famously Feckless Females.” The fact that so few of the ladies have stepped up over the years and provided a real challenge to Serena Williams’ dominance has been regular grist for the DFR mill.

But I haven’t been quite so jaundiced towards the men’s side of the tour. That ends today.

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Grigor Dimitrov: OK, kid, time to rise and shine

I acknowledge that last year’s unexpected revival by Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer made for a great storyline and exquisite viewing experiences. However, the plain fact is if it happens again this year, that means not that those two are just too impossibly great–it means that too many of the “other guys” just aren’t stepping up and challenging the legends. Continue reading Time To Man Up In Melbourne

Patriots Game Theory

If the latest scuttlebutt about the New England Patriots is to be believed, Bill Belichick or Tom Brady or perhaps both of them are about to have their “Quo Vadis?” moment.

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Bill Belichick: Enough already?

There is a great deal of reason–for instance, reason, as opposed to madness–not to believe a word of these reports that there’s a tempest brewing in New England that has nothing to do with “bomb cyclones” or any other media-generated stupidities. This very space has speculated on when Team Floating Demon Head might see the end of its run arrive, and all that turned out to be just plain wrong–so far.

But I find myself starting to wonder if, perhaps, the writing may now in fact be on the wall, and that Belichick’s departure–not mere fall-off, but actually walking out the door–may indeed be nigh. And what convinces me of this comes from having witnessed Jimmy Garoppolo going 5-0 as a starter for the San Francisco 49ers over the last month-plus.

Let me explain. Continue reading Patriots Game Theory

Groundpuck Day

Today is January 1st, New Year’s Day, and for puckheads, that can only mean one thing:

The Flyers are still in last place.

Well, ahem, yes, that’s technically true, but for the majority of hockey fans out there, the first day of the year has come to mean another installment of the NHL’s best–and, weirdly, worst–idea in a long time: the Winter Classic.

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The 2018 Winter Classic at Citi Field: I feel like I’ve been here before…

The outdoor game has been a big hit for the league, but there have always been minor issues with the presentation of the game–and, apparently, folks are beginning to notice that fact. A recent video made the rounds on the web suggesting that maybe, just maybe, there might be better places to play the Winter Classic than in football and baseball stadiums that are in no way designed to host hockey games.

Gee, if only someone had had that idea sooner. Oh, wait… Continue reading Groundpuck Day

Showing Too Much Constraint

Despite this blog’s title, I really do try to just appreciate the world of sports. I really do. But just when I think that I can let the deficiencies and annoyances slide, I’m slapped in the face with something so egregious that I have to bare the fangs and the claws again. 

The latest effrontery? Nine of the most hateful words in all of sports broadcasting: 

“Due to time constraints, we move ahead in our game.”

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