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A Country Ready For Take-off?

An addendum to the latest Feature on the success of the Golden Knights:

The Vegas thrill ride has so thoroughly captured the attention of much of this country’s hockey-loving community that hardly a word is being heard about the fact that the Winnipeg Jets are starting to look like a very good possibility for ending Canada’s 750 year Stanley Cup drought.

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The Winnipeg Jets: more celebrating to come?

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Playoffs And On And On And On

Just a random thought that came to me while watching the Sharks vs. Golden Knights game:

How is it that the NHL teams can play every other day in the playoffs, but the NBA teams have to have two days of rest between games?

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The Litmus Test, Again

It was touch and go there for a while, but the NHL’s Round 2 matchup in the Eastern Conference is on, as largely predicted right here some weeks ago.

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The Washington Capitals: Celebrating, for now at least

The series is set, but how about our previous observations. Is there a chance that Pittsburgh’s goaltending will falter and let the Caps finally sneak past their most dreaded enemies? The results from the first round are, shall we say, a mixed bag. Continue reading The Litmus Test, Again

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Delayed-Action Predation

Preds fans had to wait until overtime to see their team take Game 1 on Friday night. No problem, really–they should be used to the waiting by now.

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Good times keep coming for the Nashville Predators; maybe another team can learn something from them?

Not only did Nashville wait until OT against the Ducks, and the playoffs in general, to turn it on and start taking it out on other teams, but they’ve been running a slow burn towards success for years now. Though they may be a surprise team this postseason, you can’t say you didn’t see them coming, because The DFR made note of their development a couple of years ago–back when the idea of the Predators in the Conference Final seemed a tad premature.

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Puck Of Confusion

Have you been feeling unsettled, confused, and discombobulated lately? If so, you’re certainly not alone. There’s so much weirdness going on in the world these days: missiles in North Korea…madness in Syria…passengers being dragged off planes by United Airlines…the on-going antics of the “Commander-in-Cheeto”…hell, even Twin Peaks is coming back, because apparently the world just isn’t weird enough these days. It’s all a ball of confusion for sure.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins: The only sure thing skating around with the Puck of Confusion?

You don’t even get to escape the confusion if you flatten out that ball into a disc-shaped piece of hard, vulcanized rubber and turn your attention to the Stanley Cup playoffs–because that hasn’t exactly been a model of things going according to plan, either.

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