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A Square-Ringed Circus

Animal acts at the circus seem to be going the way of the dodo, though perhaps not fast enough. There are enough reports of the cruelty involved in such acts that the weight of public opinion will not allow these productions to last much longer, at least here in the United States.

The circus is not alone in its anachronistic state; other entertainment productions are also seeing their suns set, including acts within the world of sports. Horse racing isn’t nearly as popular as it used to be. Competitions in track and field barely move the needle these days. Even a sport as entrenched as golf has seen a dramatic fall-off in its following among the general public.

And then there’s boxing. No game has seen its star fall as far as boxing has. A sport that used to stand at the pinnacle of athletics–and even at the height of cultural prominence–limps along these days, mostly as an afterthought. Will the May 2nd Pacquiao-Mayweather fight change that? Continue reading A Square-Ringed Circus