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Talking a Good Game

Before the College World Series slips away after tonight’s deciding Game 3, I must follow up on this space’s previous post about the NCAA’s baseball championship and make a few comments on the one talent who may be the find of the whole tournament: ESPN color analyst Kyle Peterson.

Before watching the Super Regionals, I had never heard Peterson’s work on any baseball coverage. Undoubtedly, that is due to my bias towards the pro game. But having heard Peterson’s on-air calls of several games in both the Super Regionals and at Omaha, I can pronounce him a revelation, and myself a fan of his style.

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The New College Try

In the midst of all the goings on over last weekend, something interesting and unexpected showed up my TV. 

It wasn’t the French Open results, which deserve a post all their own. 

It wasn’t the aftermath of the Warriors’ second consecutive NBA title, as entertaining as that was.

Nor was it the celebration that happened in the wake of the Capitals’ Stanley Cup breakthrough. 

Embed from Getty Images

College teams are headed for Omaha…and so may a lot of MLB viewers

No, it was–amazingly enough–college baseball, specifically the NCAA Super Regionals. And the games I saw made me wonder: where has this been all my life?

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Always on a Sunday

We have a new contender for the “Least Surprising Development in the History of Everything” award: people have started to notice that ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball schedule is, let’s say, a little restrictive.

Word has come down that first-year Yankees manager Aaron Boone–himself a refugee from the “four-letter network”–is not happy about the Yanks’ game on July 8 being re-routed to the primetime schedule, owing to the fact that his team must play a doubleheader the very next day in another city.

This follows similar complaints from Cubs manager Joe Maddon about his team getting schedule-wracked by the Connecticut Clown College’s preference–one might suggest ‘lust’–for having certain teams from certain cities appear on the network’s MLB showcase broadcast.

Of course, both managers have something else in common: their plight was noticed, and reported upon–with slightly different slant–right here in The DFR in a recent post.

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Worldwide Regional Coverage

Thanks to a busy schedule this past weekend, I didn’t get a chance to check the Oakland-Toronto score until well after the game ended on Sunday. I picked up my phone and, for some weird reason, decided to visit ESPN.com to check the score.

When I pulled up the scoreboard off the home page, here’s what I got under the MLB section:

ESPN.com mobile screenshot
Screenshot of mobile ESPN.com’s scoreboard (MLB section) on Sunday, May 20, 2018.

Notice anything about those scores? If you do, you see a summary of what has gone so horribly wrong with ESPN in these last several years. Continue reading Worldwide Regional Coverage

Showing Too Much Constraint

Despite this blog’s title, I really do try to just appreciate the world of sports. I really do. But just when I think that I can let the deficiencies and annoyances slide, I’m slapped in the face with something so egregious that I have to bare the fangs and the claws again. 

The latest effrontery? Nine of the most hateful words in all of sports broadcasting: 

“Due to time constraints, we move ahead in our game.”

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