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Sports Equation #31

∑ xRoland Garros = ’05 + ’06 + ’07 + ’08 + ’10 + ’11 + ’12 + ’13 + ’14 + ’17 + ’18  = Rafael Nadal
The World Turned Right Side Down Under

Got a look this morning at the women’s semifinals at the Australian Open. No. 1 Simona Halep vs. No. 21 Angelique Kerber. No. 2 Caroline Wozniacki vs No. 36 Elise Mertens. And I couldn’t quite make sense of it.

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Caroline Wozniacki: not just another pretty face, finally?

“But those…those…wait–the top two seeds and a former champion? But those are the women who are supposed to win this thing. What’s going on here?” Continue reading The World Turned Right Side Down Under

Time To Man Up In Melbourne

This space has been enthusiastic over the years at laying into players on the women’s tennis tour for being, as I’ve put it, the “Famously Feckless Females.” The fact that so few of the ladies have stepped up over the years and provided a real challenge to Serena Williams’ dominance has been regular grist for the DFR mill.

But I haven’t been quite so jaundiced towards the men’s side of the tour. That ends today.

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Grigor Dimitrov: OK, kid, time to rise and shine

I acknowledge that last year’s unexpected revival by Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer made for a great storyline and exquisite viewing experiences. However, the plain fact is if it happens again this year, that means not that those two are just too impossibly great–it means that too many of the “other guys” just aren’t stepping up and challenging the legends. Continue reading Time To Man Up In Melbourne