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Champs/Chumps Ratio Update, June 2018

For the uninitiated: The Champs/Chumps Ratio measures the number of member clubs of the Big 4 sports leagues that have won the league’s championship, versus those clubs that have never won the crown. A higher ratio–a higher number of clubs to win the championship–is better and reflects a more competitively balanced sport. A lower ratio is worse and indicates a league that is less competitively balanced.

This post updates the C/CR figures to reflect the latest results.

The Ratio is broken down into two categories: the all-time numbers, and a “recent” category that counts titles won since the almost-but-not-quite arbitrary date of 1976. Continue reading Champs/Chumps Ratio Update, June 2018


Is Diamond Level A Fan’s Best Friend?

Good is good, and better is better. And then there’s the best–as in “the best seat in the house.”

At your local ballpark, the best seat in the house is usually right behind home plate, perhaps just a row or two behind the backstop. At the nearby Oakland Coliseum, those seats are known as the “Diamond Level”; the name may change at your local stadium, but these days almost all parks are equipped with seating that’s right down on the field and right next to the action.

Diamond Level view, opening dayShohei Ohtani takes a pitch during an extra-inning at bat during the season opening game between the Angels and the A’s at the Coliseum–as viewed for the Diamond Level. (Author’s photo)

I had a chance to sit in those seats on Opening Day at the Coliseum last month. A friend was going with her son-in-law and there was one extra ticket, so I got a call the day before the opener asking me if I’d like to join in the fun–for free. On Opening Day. In the warm California sun.

Wow. What an opportunity. And there’s no way anyone could complain about that. Right? Well… Continue reading Is Diamond Level A Fan’s Best Friend?

Must. Go. Down. Hard.

Now would be a good time to review a little bit of what we learned from last year’s Super Bowl, when the Atlanta Falcons blew a ridiculous lead and lost to the New England Patriots.

Embed from Getty Images

More getting to the quarterback is how the Eagles will fly

As noted then, the Falcons were doing the right thing, and then they stopped doing the right thing, and then they lost. And what was that right thing?

Cheating, of course. Continue reading Must. Go. Down. Hard.