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Minor Change

A quick admin note: I have yielded to the reality, which says that I’ve grown to flaky (and occasionally legitimately busy) to keep the Friday Features publishing on Friday. So I have renamed them “Disgruntled Fan Features” and they will appear whenever the time is appropriate. This may actually lead to more features being produced versus just trying to maintain a largely artificial publicaiton schedule aiming at Fridays only.

Also, as this change will free me up to include the lengthier feature articles on any day of the week, it may also help me rein in and return the Audibles category–which had started to include some lengthy, feature in everything but name, pieces–back to the home of short, quick-hit stuff it was always intended to be.

Thank you for reading the DFR.


Admin Note

A quick admin note: from today onward, Friday Features will post at noon Pacific time, not early in the morning as had previously been the case. There are various (boring) reasons for this change; the main takeaway is, the weekly commentary will now show up later in the day. Thank you.


Hey, sports fans! Here’s a quick post just to announce that I have joined the sports and entertainment blog No Coast Bias as a contributor. I will still make my regular contributions to The DFR, of course; I’m not going to abandon my own blog! But now my writings will have a broader audience by reaching NCB’s readership as well as this site’s fans.

As site founder Derek Hernandez puts it: “No Coast Bias is a collection of eclectic personalities from across the country with the mission of generating consistent, fascinating content that engages fans and fosters debate by way of in-depth analysis, thought-provoking #hottakes, satirical pieces, and more.”

There’s a lot of really interesting stuff on NCB right now, including my own first two posts: “Stop Spreading The News: Leave New York Voices At Home” and “Big Shirtless Jim Harbaugh Goes Ya-hoo!” I highly recommend you click on over and check out NCB.

Admin Note

This is just a quick admin note letting any interested parties know that I have finally gotten around to purchasing the domain for this site. now redirects to this site. For the moment, the site will continue to be hosted by WordPress, but eventually the whole hog will move to a self-hosted setup. Your bookmark for the current setup will continue to work for this home page, and eventually will turn into a redirect for the new domain. So you know.