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A Great Play, But Here’s The Catch…

You’ve seen the video, I’ve seen the video, we’ve all seen the video–Indians center fielder Austin Jackson made a tremendous play Monday night in Fenway Park to rob Hanley Ramirez of a home run.

Austin Jackson: a great, home-run-robbing catch…or was it?

Or did he?

While I’m impressed with the effort, I need someone to explain it to me: why was that play considered a catch for a putout, and not a home run?
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Gilding The Chrysanthemum

So the Los Angeles Dodgers went out and acquired Yu Darvish from the Texas Rangers, apparently as a response to the Clayton Kershaw injury.

Yu Darvish: the Dodgers’ answer, but was there really a question?

Most of the talking heads said they needed to make that move. One wonders what season those babblers have been watching lately, because they’re quite wrong. The Dodgers didn’t need to pick up Darvish–they just did it because they could, and as likely as not, they did it to keep him away from the rest of the competition.

They’re not likely to regret the move, but there may be one small downside to the trade: a boost to expectations that were already sky high…which could upset their balance and lead to major disappointment down the road.  Continue reading Gilding The Chrysanthemum

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It’s Now Very Sonny in Yankee Stadium

Baseball fans, you can be forgiven if a wave of nostalgia swept over you Monday afternoon.

It used to be that the New York Yankees always plucked up the best talent via a trade with lesser, poorer teams around the league. Their dynasties of the past were built on such transactions. In particular, the Athletics franchise–in Philly or KC–often served as an unofficial farm team for the Bronx Bombers; that’s how they got Roger Maris, for instance, to keep the good times rolling out of the ’50s and into the ’60s.

Sonny Gray: New York’s happy day…and more to come

Apparently, the good old days have returned to Gotham. With the Yanks acquiring Sonny Gray in a fleecing trade with the Oakland A’s, not only has the team set itself up to get better and make a run this year, but they’ll almost certainly have Gray to anchor the top of their rotation for many years to come.
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Caveat Emptor, Baseball Edition

The buzzer is about to sound on major league baseball’s trade deadline, and there are a few things worth noting–hopefully ahead of the curve–before things really start to go down.

Jeff Samardzija: contenders must beware swimming with this Shark

First, as noted in this space just last week, the Kansas City Royals were the best bet to be active in the wheeling and dealing–and they already have been. In addition to picking up Trevor Cahill in a deal last week, the Royals have now also gone out and gotten Melky Cabrera from the White Sox. That means they’ve acquired both an arm and a bat–exactly the prescription written for them in last week’s piece. KC is the team most likely to benefit from adding parts to the roster in my analysis, so expect them to be playing in October, especially if they complete a deal for another arm for the rotation, as is being rumored (Francisco Liriano is on the block in Toronto, and Kansas City might be the buyers).  Continue reading Caveat Emptor, Baseball Edition

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The Cavaliers’ Conundrum

I did not immediately jump onto this blog in order to comment on the “shocking” news that Kyrie Irving wants to be traded, mostly because the whole thing is mind-numbingly stupid. Where exactly does Irving think he’s going to land that’s a better situation than the three-time defending conference champs for whom he currently plays?

Still, we’ve all had that one co-worker who just drove us crazy, so much so that taking another job–even one that clearly seemed to be a step down–became an attractive alternative. So it would appear with Irving and his time with the Cavaliers, which may or may not be at an end.

Kyrie Irving: he hates his co-workers, just like all the rest of us

The part of all this that’s truly stupid is the presumably surprising nature of the upheaval in Cleveland. It’s not like anyone couldn’t have predicted that there would be trouble wherever LeBron James goes. Well, actually, it was predicted, a while back…by me, right here in this space. Continue reading The Cavaliers’ Conundrum