Logo for the DFR Audible post categorySo we’ve made it to the conference finals now, and here’s where everything stands:

Canada as a whole is toast. Sorry, folks; enjoy the fishing and camping till the first snow–you should be good till, oh, let’s say, August.

For the rest of us…We have Tampa Bay vs New York, and Chicago vs Anaheim. Two number one teams (division winners), one #2 team (which scored the most points of any non-division winning team), and the relative weakling here is…the Chicago Blackhawks. Sorry, but I learned my lesson after last round’s prediction fiasco. I’ll expect the two-time Cup champions to do some serious winning from here on out; Stanley’s almost within sight now, and Chicago has already proven that they know how to get it done.

As for who they’ll play in the finals…eh, who knows? I’ll guess Tampa Bay, since the Lightning have been a little more impressive than the Rangers.

Chicago against Tampa Bay in the Finals. Book it.


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