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Stephen Taylor is a writer and graphic artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to publishing The Disgruntled Fan Report, Stephen also has an eclectic list of writing credits, including Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Baseball Research Journal, and Watching Backyard Birds. As a graphic artist, he has worked for newspapers (several local to the Bay Area), magazines, direct mail advertising companies, and large corporate brands including Ubisoft and The Body Shop. He spends his time bicycling (when the weather's good), watching a lot of sports, doing a little reading, and tending to his other obsession, cats (as a cat sitter and as a volunteer at a local animal shelter).

Collusion Collides With Reality

Do you remember where you were when MLB was found guilty of collusion in the case of this past off-season’s free agent market?

Of course you don’t. Because that didn’t happen.

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In Major League Baseball, youth–like Ronald Acuna Jr. of the Braves–is always served

Nor did this space bother to comment on the charges, even in the heat of the grumbling back during spring training. Because none of it ever made a lick of sense, and anyone who knows anything about the history of baseball since the advent of free agency–or even what happened in the last couple of years with the Houston Astros–already knew that.

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Talking a Good Game

Before the College World Series slips away after tonight’s deciding Game 3, I must follow up on this space’s previous post about the NCAA’s baseball championship and make a few comments on the one talent who may be the find of the whole tournament: ESPN color analyst Kyle Peterson.

Before watching the Super Regionals, I had never heard Peterson’s work on any baseball coverage. Undoubtedly, that is due to my bias towards the pro game. But having heard Peterson’s on-air calls of several games in both the Super Regionals and at Omaha, I can pronounce him a revelation, and myself a fan of his style.

And it sure would be nice if more broadcasters followed his lead. Continue reading Talking a Good Game

The Big Turnaround

You thought you were safe.

You thought that a couple of weeks had passed, so surely there would be no more mentions being made about the Golden State Warriors winning for the NBA championship for the third time in four years.

You were wrong.

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Klay and the Dubs: more amazing than you thought

I only bring this up because, in these recent weeks since the Dubs’ sweep of the Cavaliers, I’ve been wracking my brain for parallel examples of what Golden State has accomplished in this recent span–and I’ve only been able to come up with one comparable string of achievement. In fact, what the Warriors have done, in being so good, is almost unprecedented–not for the fact of being so good, but for being so bad before then. Continue reading The Big Turnaround

The New College Try

In the midst of all the goings on over last weekend, something interesting and unexpected showed up my TV. 

It wasn’t the French Open results, which deserve a post all their own. 

It wasn’t the aftermath of the Warriors’ second consecutive NBA title, as entertaining as that was.

Nor was it the celebration that happened in the wake of the Capitals’ Stanley Cup breakthrough. 

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College teams are headed for Omaha…and so may a lot of MLB viewers

No, it was–amazingly enough–college baseball, specifically the NCAA Super Regionals. And the games I saw made me wonder: where has this been all my life?

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