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Champs/Chumps Ratio Update, June 2018

For the uninitiated: The Champs/Chumps Ratio measures the number of member clubs of the Big 4 sports leagues that have won the league’s championship, versus those clubs that have never won the crown. A higher ratio–a higher number of clubs to win the championship–is better and reflects a more competitively balanced sport. A lower ratio is worse and indicates a league that is less competitively balanced.

This post updates the C/CR figures to reflect the latest results.

The Ratio is broken down into two categories: the all-time numbers, and a “recent” category that counts titles won since the almost-but-not-quite arbitrary date of 1976. Continue reading Champs/Chumps Ratio Update, June 2018


Pastimes and Passages

There are two recognizable mileposts that all sports fans pass along their journeys with the games, from youth to old age.

The first comes when all the players on the field in the game you’re watching are finally younger than you are. Having now reached my 48th birthday today (Sunday, October 9, 2016), I passed that particular milepost several years ago. It’s a moment when you realize just how far away, and far behind you, your dreams of athletic success really are.

And then there’s the second milepost: that point where many of the people you associate with the games–in particular, broadcasters–leave the scene for good, either through retirement or death. That second milepost recurs for most sports fans, as name after name disappears from the sports landscape, and it happened again–for myself and many others–just a week ago, when Dick Enberg and Vin Scully retired from broadcasting. Continue reading Pastimes and Passages

There’s No ‘Ad’ In ‘Team’

Your correspondent wishes to apologize to all good DFR readers. This Friday Feature should have been produced weeks ago; however, I found myself consumed recently by thoughts about buying a new(ish) car, and all that mental back and forth made focusing on any other project difficult, at best.

I mention this not because anyone reading this is likely to care about my car-buying adventures, but because, as you will see, it’s actually germane to the subject of this piece.

Back at the end of January, I wrote a feature which criticized the ever-growing encroachment of advertising in our sports arenas and television broadcasts–not just during commercial breaks, but within the play of the very game itself. And with the recent news that the NBA has now approved putting small ads onto the players’ uniforms (a development almost predicted in this space),with other leagues perhaps ready to follow, the impact of this trend is sure to increase in coming years.

And what is the impact of that trend? It’s hard to say definitively–that answer relies a great deal upon a subjective experience–but let’s examine the question through a simple thought experiment, one that views the matter through the relationship between the teams and their fans.

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Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryIt’s a question that’s undoubtedly being asked by sports fans all around the world:

“Hey…Wherzza DFR?”

The DFR is still here. However, its¬†¬†principal author–namely, yours truly–had been on the roam lately. Combine a couple of vacation weeks with a recent computer breakdown and you get minimal postings for an extended period.

That’s not an ideal situation, but then again it’s not all bad, either.
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