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There is a Hopi term, Koyaanisqatsi, that has had some cultural currency for a while now, thanks to a unique film with that name made a few decades ago. The term translates to “unbalanced life,” or, as the film’s tagline had it, “life out of balance.”

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Myles Jack and Calais Campbell of the Jacksonville Jaguars: definitely NOT playing for New Mexico State

I mention this because one of our favorite sports, football, has kindly given us in recent weeks a sterling example of the difference between balance and lack thereof, in terms of the game’s competitiveness.

For one side of that coin, the NFL, its purposeful cultivation of competitive balance may turn out to be the league’s saving grace; on the other hand, college football’s decided lack of balance, while it may not spell the game’s doom, is certainly a part of what holds the whole enterprise back.

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Patriots Game Theory

If the latest scuttlebutt about the New England Patriots is to be believed, Bill Belichick or Tom Brady or perhaps both of them are about to have their “Quo Vadis?” moment.

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Bill Belichick: Enough already?

There is a great deal of reason–for instance, reason, as opposed to madness–not to believe a word of these reports that there’s a tempest brewing in New England that has nothing to do with “bomb cyclones” or any other media-generated stupidities. This very space has speculated on when Team Floating Demon Head might see the end of its run arrive, and all that turned out to be just plain wrong–so far.

But I find myself starting to wonder if, perhaps, the writing may now in fact be on the wall, and that Belichick’s departure–not mere fall-off, but actually walking out the door–may indeed be nigh. And what convinces me of this comes from having witnessed Jimmy Garoppolo going 5-0 as a starter for the San Francisco 49ers over the last month-plus.

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A Recipe For Quarterback Repellent

In today’s pass-happy NFL, how do you stop a quarterback like Tom Brady–or any other QB for that matter?

It looked, through three quarters, like the Atlanta Falcons had that answer diagnosed and ready to go for Super Bowl LI. How did they do it? And why then did they wind up losing?

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Super Bowl LI: Atlanta found the recipe…then lost it, and the game

It turns out, you stop quarterbacks today the same way it was always done back in the day: “the quarterback must go down, and he must go down hard.”

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