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A View From The Park: San Diego

NOTE: This post is the first in a series of Features describing the author’s first visits to various MLB ballparks around the country. The first two visits, to San Diego and Anaheim, are the product of one trip to Southern California; further visits to parks in the East and Midwest will come during a major road trip planned for June of this year. Keep watching this space for further updates from the road.

It was a beautiful day for a ballgame Sunday, April 23rd in San Diego. That was hardly a surprise; almost every day from April to October–and more than a few beyond that–are beautiful days in California’s southernmost major city. It’s one of the great strengths of the region, and a big part of what makes SoCal in general, and San Diego in particular, a perfect setting for baseball.

Sunday’s game marked my first visit to Petco Park, though not my first game in San Diego. When my mother lived in the East County city of El Cajon (until about a decade ago), I had attended a Padres game while the team was still housed in what was then known as Jack Murphy Stadium.

I can report, with absolute certainty, that Petco Park represents a huge upgrade for Padres Fans.

Petco Park Panorama
A beautiful day at the ballpark: a panoramic shot of Petco Park before the Padres’ game against the Miami Marlins.

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Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryNow that the dust has well and truly settled, we can take a look at the results of last week’s trade deadline and see what interesting things happened–or didn’t happen, as the case may be.

General overview: The most obvious takeaway from last week’s activity is the fact that most of the moves were unusually pitcher heavy. Continue reading Swap Meet Stories

“You Root For The Uniform, Not The Player”

Spring Training may seem like the period when dormant teams grow active again, like creatures who’ve been hibernating through the winter, but in fact the six weeks between now and Opening Day are relatively idle times; all the hard work has already been done, now it’s just a question of which organizations did the best job of preparing for the challenge ahead.

Unfortunately, all that activity comes at a price. When the chief question asked by your team’s supporters is “Who are these guys?” you probably have some marketing work to do, if nothing else.

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