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The Ships Be Sinkin’

Tall about sweet music.

I would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to the Utah Jazz for dispatching the Los Angeles Clippers in today’s game 7 of their playoff series.

This fit of gratefulness comes not so much because I have such a fondness for the Jazz; I don’t, though I certainly recognize that they are a team on the rise (assuming they can hold on to Gordon Hayward with a player option on his contract for next year). No, this is strictly about my gratitude that, for at least one more off-season, we won’t have to endure more of the Clippers.

Can we at last finally put to rest this notion that Doc Rivers is somehow an all-time coaching great because he won one championship with the Celtics? The history of basketball is replete with guys who won one title, particularly when they were provided with a roster that included three future Hall-of-Famers. Rivers has done little since, even with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin taking the court for him lo these many years (when they were not prevented from taking the court due to a host of injuries and/or stupidities, of course.)

Speaking of which, perhaps this latest nose dive will not just wipe the Clippers off the NBA’s playoff radar for another season, but will also get sponsors to rethink having Paul and Griffin in heavy rotation in their ads. Those campaigns have represented way more high profile than was ever merited–and at a certain point, the carmakers and insurance companies have to wise up to that fact.

In other words, I’m sick of these guys.

All well and good, from this position. What remains to be seen if Steve Ballmer, the Clippers frequently apoplectic owner, is sick of them, too. My bet is ‘yes,’ and that we’ll see major changes to the Clips’ roster in the summer.

But at the very least, we should have a blissful few months without having that “very little bang for his bucks” team paraded in front of us. Thanks, Jazz–you did us a solid.


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