Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryAn update on the most recent Friday Feature:

Your humble correspondent is in no way drunk enough to believe for one second that the DFR actually has the power to influence events in this world, particularly as regards the true media behemoths that cover the world of sports. Yes, I mean ESPN.

However, in the wake of the commentary that appeared in this space regarding Lindsay Czarniak and the unusual pattern of her appearance within the “Worldwide Leader’s” Bottom Line promos during PTI episodes, I couldn’t help but notice that–in the last week, at least–the crawl’s aggressive promotion of Czarniak’s work on the early edition of SportsCenter seemed to largely disappear.

Now, did the one have anything to do with the other? It seems unlikely. Perhaps I just wasn’t paying quite as close attention to the crawl as before I wrote that piece. Or maybe she just wasn’t on the show that much last week (though when I watched yesterday’s edition of PTI, I did notice Czarniak’s appearance in the commercial break promo for SC, but not in any Bottom Line announcement). I certainly don’t think it had anything to do with it being a slow (sports)news week, because last week clearly wasn’t that.

I’m tempted to wave it away as just simply a coincidence, and that’s probably the reality. No doubt ESPN will very soon go back to the hard-sell for their current favorite golden girl.

But…on the off chance that someone in Bristol did read that piece and realized that someone was on to them…I’d like to make it known to that person that, if you wish to comb through The DFR’s back pages–I suggest just clicking ‘ESPN’ in the tags attached to this item–you will find many, many critiques of the network and what is wrong with it, with at least a few useful suggestions for how those faults could be made better. And you can feel comfortable knowing that hardly any of them have to do with pimping a chick for the sake of ratings. Take a look, if you will.

You’re welcome. It’s the least I could do for you.


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