Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryJust days after this site’s last Friday Feature, which focused on the Bryce Harper-led movement to “revitalize” baseball, word comes to us that Bryce Harper ‘make baseball fun again’ shirts will be sold to his adoring Nationals fans.

All well and good, and perfectly in line with sports’ and society’s current commercial values–or so one expects would be the general reaction to this news. But if you read that Friday Feature, and see some merit in the comparison between Harper campaign and the common species of bully, here’s something else to note: as with Harper, bullies often perform their deeds with the help of enablers.

Perhaps this was the plan all along: to gin up some marketing fodder and make extra bucks off the young star. Or, perhaps, Nationals management agrees wholeheartedly with Harper about the game (the very product they’re trying to sell) being “tired.” If the latter, then it just goes to show the truth of the old saying: the fish really does rot from the head down. Glorying in a kid’s bad behavior and attitude–let alone profiting from it–is not making the game better.

Oh, and by the way: Harper’s “100” logo on his bat knob is stolen from Larry Wilmore’s “Keep it a Hundred” segment on The Nightly Show. If they try to start selling merch with that logo on it, Wilmore and Comedy Central should sue the cap, shirt, and anything else off Harper and the Nationals.


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