Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryWith the Golden State Warriors now on the verge of setting the NBA record for wins in a season at 73, it’s worth noting an odd phenomenon that frequently popped up during discussions about whether they should go for the record, or rest and potentially let it slide.

Many among the anti-record/pro rest crowd have made their argument by downplaying the significance of setting the record without then winning the championship. As their poster children for this position, they often cite the 2007 New England Patriots. Their spiel usually goes something like this: “Nobody ever talks about” (or, occasionally, “remembers”) “those Patriots who went 16-0 and then didn’t win the Super Bowl.”

Um…hey, stupid people: when you cite that team, YOU’RE talking about them. YOU remember their accomplishment, despite their lack of a title. Your argument testifies against itself.

What that argument really indicates is just how lousy is much of the sports commentary these days.


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