Logo for the DFR Audible post categorySo to recap: first, the Los Angeles Kings stank. Then, the Kings got better, which made the struggles of the Anaheim Ducks look that much worse. Then, of course, it turned out the dead Ducks weren’t quite so dead. Predictions of their demise–and seeing their best players scattered about the league–turned out to be mere delusions.

What happened? They got better. They played better. There were some trades here and there, but mostly the teams stayed intact, and their players started playing exactly as everyone expected them to play from the start of the season. It just took a couple of weeks for everything to click. And now which two teams are battling for the top of the Pacific Division? The Kings and Ducks, of course.

The lesson: Don’t rush to judgment. With competent management, teams tend to rise to their expected level, even when they stumble out of the gate. And we don’t really know anything until all the games are played.


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