Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryRemember the last couple of years, all that womanish shrieking about how awful it was that the NBA’s conferences were so badly out of balance, with all the good teams in the West and those awful, awful Eastern Conference teams, with their terrible records making it into the playoffs and just ruining everything and oh, my…clutch the pearls…? And how the whole conference structure needed to be redone, and the playoffs needed to be completely changed so only winning teams would make the postseason?

Well, it’s worth noting that, as of this posting, all the teams in playoff position are at or above .500. In both conferences.

This may still change; a couple of losing streaks might damage that lovely scenario. But it’s looking more and more like all of this year’s playoff teams will have non-losing records. No shrieking–or radical conference realignments–required.

Gee, it’s almost like there was never a real problem in the first place. Will anyone remember this the next time we see a team with a mediocre record threaten to make some league’s playoffs? Doubtful.


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