Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryIt’s a question that’s undoubtedly being asked by sports fans all around the world:

“Hey…Wherzza DFR?”

The DFR is still here. However, its  principal author–namely, yours truly–had been on the roam lately. Combine a couple of vacation weeks with a recent computer breakdown and you get minimal postings for an extended period.

That’s not an ideal situation, but then again it’s not all bad, either.

Indeed, one might say that lately I’m taking my own advice; in this very space last year, I wrote a piece extolling the virtues of walking away from the sports scene during February’s dog days and doldrums, and the experience of the last two weeks has borne out the wisdom of that idea.

Despite having spent most of the time since Presidents’ Day away from various screens–including most of a week in Death Valley, where even a phone signal was not to be had–I have missed precious little of consequence. It’s mostly been regular season games and contractual matters, none of which has more than a passing importance for the overall picture. (If NASCAR had standing with the DFR, missing Daytona would have been consequential, but it doesn’t. Besides, I was actually home that day; could have watched, but didn’t.) The most meaningful event during these last two weeks was probably the Warriors getting drilled in Portland, and that was just a blip on the screen as it turned out.

If you’re a diehard sports fan and you need to make future vacation plans, take a hard look at the last two weeks of February. You can get a little R&R and still stay mostly current on the sports scene at the same time.



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