Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryYou have to love the NHL and its bizarre early-season goings on. Especially in the Western Conference’s Pacific Division.

First, the Kings stunk up the joint, until they went on a win streak to get themselves upright again. Then we latched on to the fact that the Ducks were looking wretched; of course, they too started playing better, enough at least to get themselves back to respectability.

Meanwhile, as all that was going on, you had the Sharks come out of the gate hot, then pratfall once Logan Couture damaged himself. San Jose was playing such disinterested and uninteresting hockey that even the Bay Area Sharks diehards–there are more of them than you’d think–were beginning to ignore the team.

The next step in this evolution? A Sharks six-game winning streak, of course. On the road, no less. And now they’re back on top, leading the division by a couple of points over the Kings!

And for the long run all of this means…probably nothing. Just look at the Blackhawks: they’re currently fifth in the Central, and barely in a wild card position. Do you really expect that team to stay there all season?

The object lesson in all this is that early-season hysteria is just that: hysteria, nothing more than wild, reactionary craziness that has little bearing on how things will ultimately play out. Something to keep in mind next week when, oh, let’s say, the Coyotes run off a win streak and leap up to the top of the standings.


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