Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryThis thing has been going on for a while. First, I pronounced the L.A. Kings as dead; turns out those are some lively looking zombies skating around the Staples Center ice these days.

Then, in acknowledging the judgment error on the Kings, I took a few shots at the equally slow starting Anaheim Ducks–but in that post I signed off with a bit of wise-ass:

So, Ducks winning streak should start in 5…4…3…

That was on October 27. Take a wild guess what happened next…

It wasn’t immediate; the Ducks lost the next two games after that post hit. But shortly thereafter Anaheim started a four game win streak that was only snapped tonight with the Ducks’ overtime loss to the Coyotes. (They still get a point, of course, and continue to improve their situation in the standings.)

Imagine my surprise to learn that all I have to do is post something to the DFR and it will soon become reality!

Hence, I am most eagerly anticipating this Spring, when the Flyers will finally break their drought and win that elusive third Stanley Cup.

As the late Yul Brynner said–in the role of Rameses II in The Ten Commandments–“So it is written; so it shall be done.”

Can’t wait for the celebration to start!



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