Logo for the DFR Audible post categorySeveral recent posts here on the DFR have had something of a philosophical bent to them; particularly last week’s Friday Feature. Almost contemplative pieces, you might say.

Well forget that: this one is just good, old fashioned disgruntlement:

What the hell is the deal with FOX’s Sunday NFL crawl?

The game updates–when it can be bothered to show actual game updates through all the dreck of statistical leaders, program promos, and other assorted nonsense–give you the score, and the time, and all that good stuff. But they also say something like “ball on Saints 17.” All well and good–except they don’t bother to tell you which team has the ball.

If New Orleans has the ball on their 17, somebody probably just kicked off, and there’s most likely mundane play going on. But if the other team has the ball on the Saints 17, they’re in the red zone and that means that’s a game that bears watching (or at least keeping an eye on the ticker to see what transpires, if you’re not blessed with one of the bonus TV packages).

The whole point of the crawl is to inform the viewer–not make a mess of things by not giving the viewer all the pertinent information.

FOX has been in the sports business for a long time now; there just isn’t any excuse for the continuing deficiencies in their coverage. Hey, FOX: fix that damn thing and make it clear which team has the ball. It is–literally–the least you can do for the viewers.


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