Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryWhen last I looked in on the world of hockey, I couldn’t help but notice that the Los Angeles Kings seemed to be falling apart before our very eyes. This led to some speculation that the collapse of the Kings might see ripple effects throughout the NHL, as their talented roster might wind up showing up scattered all over the league.

Well, it turns out their talent did show up…in uniform, for the Kings, as originally expected.  One five game win streak later and all looks well for Daryl Sutter and his crew.

That weak start (0-3) has the Kings at a modest 10 points so far in the season, but that’s good enough to sit right below the Coyotes for the Pacific Division lead. All fantasies of seeing Gaborik or Carter or Doughty or Lucic playing for your team will have to be put on hold.

But don’t fret. If you want your team to vulture some players in the coming month, there’s still an option. Turns out the real icy smell coming from Southern California emits from the Honda Center, about 30 miles southeast of the Staples Center (or, to put in in Los Angeles terms, about 3 hours away by car). It’s the Ducks who are really stinking up the joint, and while–again–it’s still early, when you’re 1-5-2 with a puny 4 points eight games into the season and you can’t score a lick, it starts to “get late early” in those circumstances. Now it’s Anaheim’s turn to be on the deathwatch.

So, Ducks winning streak should start in 5…4…3…


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