Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryIt’s still early; hell, the NHL season just started last week. But there are already a few interesting things bubbling up during these first few games. Connor McDavid put the biscuit in the basket, already; the Sharks seem revitalized, so far; Detroit’s not missing Mike Babcock, yet…

Most interesting thing of all, though, may be who’s not doing so well. Again, it’s early but…what the hell is happening to the Kings?

L.A. is 0-3 now, and the first two weren’t pretty. Last night saw some improvement, but they still got shut out by Vancouver.

Is Jonathan Quick losing it? Maybe, maybe not. He’s definitely been bad; one of the Coyotes announcers put it colorfully the other night, say Quick “can’t stop a beach ball,” and at the time that was fair and accurate, if brutal. His line against the Canucks doesn’t look too bad, so perhaps it’s just been an early season slump.

On the other hand, the goaltending has nothing to do with the shutouts. L.A.’s offense has been non-existent for three games now–and there’s too much talent on that team for the scoring to be this low.

Again, maybe it’s just a slump…or maybe something else is going on here. After Los Angeles did not even make the playoffs last year, a slow start this season may be a sign that there’s bigger problems at play there. Perhaps the players have started to tune out their cuddly-as-a-cheese-grater head coach, Daryl Sutter, despite the two Cups he helped guide them to.

Who knows? If they’re little problems, then the Kings correct themselves and start competing again at a high level. But if the problems go deep…The Bruins are already said to be shopping around their high-priced talent due to a slow start; aren’t there a few teams out there who could use someone like Gaborik, or Martinez, or Carter, particularly if they want to unseat the Blackhawks in the Western Conference? If things keep going south on the Staples Center ice, we could see a talent dispersal that would have major ramifications around the league. Definitely a situation that bears watching.


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