Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryYes, this is basically like listening to a “greatest hits” record, because this gripe has appeared in this space before, but:

Would it really kill MLB to mandate that postseason teams wear their “real” uniforms–the home whites and road grays–instead of making the sport’s showcase games look like spring training scrimmages?

This is one of the only down sides to having the Yankees eliminated from the playoffs; they, at least, never go in for these generic looking colored jerseys. When the Yankees step out onto the field, it’s the classic pinstripes or the road grays with “NEW YORK” on the chest. They represent their tradition; they don’t just amble out in any old get up like it’s a Wednesday in March in Sarasota. Same goes for the Cardinals: always their straight up unis, no lazy looking alternate jerseys. Is it any coincidence that the two most successful franchises in MLB history are the two teams that never go in for anything other than their whites and grays?

I’ll say it again: baseball teams where home whites and road grays; clowns wear multi-colored outfits.

Oh, and by the way: those alternate jerseys often don’t even display the name of the team’s home town; it’s just “ASTROS” or, in the Cubs’ case, just a logo. Don’t you think those cities–you know, the ones the teams are supposed to represent, the cities that (most probably) gave those teams a shit-ton of tax breaks and sweetheart deals to get them to build the new ballparks within those towns–don’t you think those cities would like to see a little representing on the big stage in October?

Yeah, I know: “Shut up old man. You’re old, you’re going to die soon, who cares what you think, I like the unis, they look cool, blah blah blah.” Fighting against the tide, I know–but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.


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