Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryThe thing that’s so awesome about hockey: the NHL has been in training camps for a while now, there’s been several exhibition games already played…and nobody cares. It’s preseason–screw it. Call me when the puck drops for real.

Contrast that with the other sports: baseball’s spring training fairly drowns in snowbirds on vacation and people waxing poetic; the NFL treats its training camps as something on the relative importance scale close to the Normandy invasion. The NBA almost gets it right, running through its preseason schedule without a lot of fanfare.

But hockey takes the cake. It flies so far under the radar that it’s still a truly exciting thing once the games start in earnest next week. Simply wonderful.

(Please note: this is NHL preseason as experienced here in California; I have little doubt there’s mildly more interest in the training camps in, say, Toronto.)


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