Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryI can’t resist offering an opinion on the presumed controversy over Ed Hochuli’s comment to Cam Newton.

Here’s my opinion: who cares? Seriously, let’s assume that Hochuli said to Newton exactly what Newton said he said to him: “Cam, you’re not old enough to get that call.”

Is that really all that awful? Let’s just acknowledge the fact that officials make different calls for different players, ofttimes based on the experience level of the player in question. So Hochuli was just telling the truth. Why get all over him for telling the truth?

Also, it’s not like Hochuli called Newton a Deplorable Word in the process; it seems like a fairly matter of fact statement, ref to player. Not said in anger, not said mockingly–just telling it like it is.

Furthermore, consider Newton’s reaction to what Hochuli allegedly said. Do you think that this would constitute the first time an official has ever said such a thing to an NFL player? Yet, how many times in the past have we heard a player complain about such a thing? Rarely, if ever. Yet Cam Newton makes a point of calling attention to the matter–which is the kind of reaction you would expect from someone who is immature enough to not accept that as part of the game. In other words: someone who is immature enough–not old enough–to get (or deserve) a questionable call.

Newton needs to stop worrying about what a ref might have said to him and start worrying more about what the defense he’s playing against is definitely going to do to him. Or, to put it another way, he needs to grow up.


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