Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryWe’ve had a full day to recover from the ill effects, and by now most of us should be up to the task of making a definitive judgment–yet, I still can’t decide:

Which was worse: the 49ers’ nightmarishly awful “alternate” uniforms, or Trent Dilfer’s truly wretched performance in the broadcast booth?

On the one hand, you have the sartorial disaster that was San Francisco’s red on black ensemble, which were not only truly hideous but also non-functional, in that the numbers were so hard to read that Ted Robinson, 49ers radio play-by-play man, actually tweeted an apology to listeners because he couldn’t identify the players on the field. Only the palsied mind of Jed York–who just keeps throwing up on himself at every turn–could have figured that such a visual insult would be a good idea.

Then again, the visual insult was at least matched in brutality by the aural assault delivered by Dilfer’s shrieking color commentary on Monday night’s game. Whatever actual insights Dilfer might have provided in his analysis were totally destroyed by the volume with which he delivered his message. Dilfer’s act reminded me of those amateur announcers employed by the network at the Olympics; you know the ones–those individuals who used to play the sport and thus get chipmunk excited by even the most minor display of skill by the athletes. Or perhaps it was closer in spirit to those Z list announcers that FOX likes to bring out for the bottom tier NFL games–the guys who call the game according to the mantra, “I can make everything exciting as long as I JUST KEEP SCREAMING!”

Seriously–we’re talking  about the NFL and the “Worldwide Leader.” These organizations are supposed to represent the pinnacles of American sports. How is it possible that they can be so awful?

Like I’ve said before: awful lot of emperors, not a stitch of clothing. And that includes the uniforms. Better naked than those rags.


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