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I will confess that I enjoy being right. But even I find it a little unseemly when the sports world goes this far out of its way to prove that I’m right.

Earlier today I published this week’s Friday Feature, “Yet Another Modest Proposal,” about the deleterious effects of college sports and how they should be eliminated as we know them. Within a virtual blink of an eye, the rest of the internet started chiming in with stories about how right I am–specifically the case of Baylor football player Sam Ukwuachu and his sentencing on sexual assault charges. What makes that story so flamboyantly supportive of the Friday Feature’s thesis is the related tale, about how Baylor coach Art Briles knew he was bringing a troublemaker into his program–and, oh by the way, onto a college campus where he could make another young woman into his victim.

Either Washington (and ex-Boise State) coach Chris Peterson is lying about what he told Briles, or Briles is lying in the other direction. One way or another, it’s a story about an athlete who never should have set foot on a college campus (Baylor, at least, if not his first chance at Boise), and a coach who places winning football games above reputation, integrity, and the safety of the other students on his employer’s campus. The whole thing is almost a blueprint based on what I wrote in the original article.

As I said, I like being right–I just wish these goons wouldn’t make it so easy on me to make these calls.


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