Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryThe news out of the New York Jets’ camp, that the their presumed starting quarterback now has a broken jaw, only reaffirms a couple of things: 1) there’s a reason people in the Meadowlands have been known to chant “J-E-S-T JEST JEST JEST!”; and 2) coming on the heels of last week’s Friday Feature, it demonstrates that there really is no reason to believe that the New England Patriots will suffer all that much even if the Golden Boy loses his court case.

In the AFC East, they’re playing against the NFL’s Confederacy of Dunces. Even if Team Floating Demon Head does lose one, or two, or even all of those first four games, it would do little damage to their chances of making the playoffs–because the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins are as likely to stumble over themselves and break each other’s faces as they are to come roaring out of the gate and build any kind of lead in the division.

The one solace for the Jets is, it was Geno Smith’s jaw that got broken; not exactly like losing Joe Willie there. New York might actually get lucky and see some improvement in the QB position with Smith not occupying it. But that just means something else will send the whole thing crashing down, probably long before Smith steps out onto the field again.


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