Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryNo, in answer to your unspoken question, I’m not tired yet of always being right. Well, not always–but I seem to get my fair share of these things correct. For instance, barely one month after pointing out that Eugenie Bouchard should not be the world’s most marketable athlete, we learn that she was bounced from Wimbledon in the first round this week. Not exactly an accomplishment worthy of tremendous attention–but very much in keeping with her career record to this point.

While it may be gratifying to call out this sort of nonsense and be correct about it, it’s still the sort of thing that drives me nuts about the sports world today. Perhaps I look back through rose-colored glasses, but I seem to remember a world where actually winning a damn thing was the way to get people to go crazy about you. Now, just be pretty or flashy or dunk over a car or something, and everyone slurps all over you, whether you get to the top or not.

Folks, a little sanity would help things immensely. Please.


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