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I’ve been on this case for a while now, having first griped about it here before sinking my fangs into it again a few days ago–so it is most gratifying to see that the NBA Finals may have pivoted upon David Lee’s entry into Game 3.

This is not to disparage Andre Iguodala’s tremendous Game 4; the Dubs couldn’t have won that game without him, despite the ultimate blowout score. Nor should Shaun Livingston’s contributions be overlooked.

But the worm really started to turn when Lee finally got into the series in Game 3 and demonstrated–to his coach as well as everyone else–that shaking up the playing rotation and throwing more guys at the undermanned Cavaliers was a good idea. It did not result in a Game 3 win–just a strong comeback before the defeat–but the move seems to have put the key into the lock that just may have opened up the door to the championship.

What’s extraordinary about Golden State’s Game 4 victory is the gigantic change in the feeling surrounding this series. After Game 3, the Warriors seemed to be clinging to a cliff by their fingernails; now it’s a three game series, with two home games for the Dubs, and the Cavs are that much wearier, that much more shorthanded, and looking almost as precarious as the Warriors were five hours ago.

The Cavaliers aren’t dead by any stretch of the imagination. Two days off can heal a lot of harms, and they still have You Know Who to carry them forward. But their road just got a lot tougher–thanks to the fact that Steve Kerr finally realized, if you have All-Stars on your bench, you just might want to actually put them in the game.


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