Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryTalk about being on the back burner: the Bay Area is so consumed with the Warriors being in the NBA Finals that tonight’s local newscast barely had time to mention the Giants game against the Mets–despite the fact that rookie starter Chris Heston pitched a no-hitter.

That result is all the more surprising because it came from Heston, who did not exactly get a ton of press coming up the ranks in the minor leagues. It may be fair to say that even the Giants themselves are surprised by how much success Heston has had since being inserted into the rotation in April. (He’s 6-4 with some excellent starts, though he’s also been knocked around a few times, too.)

Not that the team isn’t grateful; Heston’s performance in filling a major rotation hole has done much to solidify a team that struggled out of the gate but is now sitting in second place, one game out, and is well positioned for a wild card berth, at least. And you know what happens when San Francisco gets into the playoffs…


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