Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryWell–that was an old-fashioned ass-kicking.

None of us should be surprised that Chicago so thoroughly squashed Anaheim in Game 7, on Anaheim’s home ice no less. The only surprising thing is that, somehow, the Kings went further in the playoffs those Blackhawks two of the last three years; tells you something about LA’s team, that does.

Again, like last night’s result, you can’t quibble with tonight’s outcome; Chicago was clearly the superior team, and probably would have beaten the Ducks by double the score if they could have kept playing all night.

I could take this opportunity to point out that the Chicago vs. Tampa Bay matchup was my prediction at the end of the last round, but there’s no real pride to be had there–if any of my earlier picks had come through, both teams would have been out of the running several rounds ago.

So whom do I pick to win the Stanley Cup? The 1915 Vancouver Millionaires. Sure, they’ve been defunct for 90 years, but at this point in this odd and crazy NHL season, why not expect a dead franchise to rise up and claim the Cup once again?

Of course, as likely as not, despite all of Tampa Bay’s ample talent, I really suspect Chicago will come out on top once more. ‘Cause…you know…they’re the Blackhawks.


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