Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryIt seems like these Stanley Cup Playoffs have been going on now for the last three years, though I guess it’s unbecoming to complain about too much of a good thing–and now we’re about to get the ultimate in good things: two Game 7s in the Conference Finals on back to back days. And thanks to the NBA’s absurd playoff scheduling and the relative walkovers by the Cavs and Warriors, both NHL games will play out without any other playoff competition going on at the same time. Center stage for all puckheads Friday and Saturday.

Also, at the risk of looking really foolish, I will point out that at the beginning of this round, I predicted, “Chicago against Tampa Bay in the Finals. Book it.” That remains a real possibility, though I’m getting a sneaking feeling that the Rangers may wind up wrenching the works on Friday night. Oh, boy–how delirious would the league office be to get New York vs. Chicago in the final? Talk about a ratings bonanza. Let’s just hope the hockey lives up to that hype.


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