Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryStephen Curry’s dangerous tumble proved to be a pivotal moment in Game 4 against the Rockets. It was clear that he was hurt and would have to come out of the game, and in the moment it seemed probable that he would be out for the remainder of the contest. For Warriors fans–and fans of great basketball around the world–it was an anxious time.

Thank goodness Doris Burke was there to tell us all that she had nothing to tell us. This happened not once in the aftermath of Curry’s accident, but twice. Two times ESPN’s crew threw it to Burke so that she could tell us that Curry was in the locker room getting treatment…and nothing else. Later, after Curry finally returned from the locker room, Burke came on to tell us…wait for it…that Curry had returned from the locker room. Thanks, D! We never could have figured it out without you.

I’m not capable of understanding why no one is capable of understanding this very simple formula: if you don’t have anything to tell us, STOP BOTHERING US. Seriously, is the pressure to justify the existence of these worthless sideline reporters so great that the networks will interrupt the flow of their on the flimsiest of excuses, just to make sure the reporter gets some face time? Each iota of information–and there barely was any real info–that Burke supplied to the audience could easily have been passed along by some off-camera flunky handing a note to the play-by-play announcer, who could have just read the damn thing and let us all get on with our lives. It’s simply baffling; why does anyone believe that this setup is necessary?

We’ll leave off this discussion here, for now, because thinking about it is making my head hurt worse than Curry’s–but this will be the topic of a Friday Feature in the very near future.


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