Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryHey, all you people who’ve been complaining for years about Joe Buck on FOX broadcasts: since you’ve made no headway in getting rid of Buck, could you please turn your attention to destroying ESPN’s lead basketball announcing team?

These guys are horrifically bad. Mike Breen has all the personality of a sand dune, Jeff Van Gundy spends way too much time pretending that everyone else thinks that he’s as clever as he thinks he is, and Mark Jackson–he of the Paul Bunyan-sized axe to grind–seems more interested in matching Van Gundy in self-aggrandizement than in the actual game they’re watching. It’s even more egregious that this crew is working ESPN’s coverage since they had the good fortune to have Jackson taken off their hands a few years ago, and no obligation to take him back once the Warriors got tired of his act.

So come on, all you complainers out there. How about sending some of that vitriol ESPN’s way and maybe making future NBA broadcasts better as a result? There’s no guarantee it will get better, but it can’t get much worse.


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