Logo for the DFR Audible post categoryThat odd combination of sound and movement you may be experiencing lately is, perhaps, the shivering going up and down spines all around the National League. The San Francisco Giants–left for dead last month when they lost eight games in a row–just finished sweeping the Los Angeles Dodgers and now sit just a game and a half back of first place.

What surely makes surge by the Giants unnerving for their NL competition is the fact that, as currently constituted, SF is well-positioned to get better. The rotation is still questionable–even after they just swept LA with three straight shutouts–and there’s still a little too much Matt Duffy and Casey McGehee in the lineup.  Despite their tsunami of revenue, the Giants spent the off-season not making a splash with free agent signings–meaning they’ll have plenty of maneuverability when the trading deadline comes.

It could still all go south–another traditional June Swoon is always possible–but at this point, do you want to bet against the Giants, with a roster full of guys who’ve gotten it done three times already? “Back to back” suddenly seems much less like a pipe dream.


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